How To: Find Your Ring Size



Whether you're trying to surprise a loved one or treating yourself, buying a ring can be daunting if you don’t know the correct size. A half size too small and it may not fit over your knuckles, half a size too big and it might move around too much. To ensure your Kirsten Manzi Jewellery rings arrive ready to wear, I've put together a guide on finding your perfect fit.

Finding Your Perfect Ring Size


Visit your local jeweller

Visiting a jeweller is the most reliable way to determine your ring size. All jewellers in the UK use the same industry standard sizes and will have the correct tools to measure your finger accurately. Most jewellery stores will be happy to measure your finger with no obligation to buy. If you'd like to arrange a meeting with me to talk rings and find out your ring size, get in touch. I also carry ring sizing tools with me at events, if you see me at any markets or pop-ups and would like to know your size, come over and say hello.

Use a plastic ring-sizer

A plastic ring-sizer is an easy and relatively accurate way to measure your ring size.  Loop and push the end through the buckle (with the arrow) to form a ring shape then slip the sizer onto your finger and adjust it, again like you would a belt until you have a comfortable fit.  Check that it still fits over the knuckle-tight enough that it won't fall off but loose enough so that it just twists over your knuckle. The size the arrow points to when you have a comfortable fit is your ring size.  Although this won’t be as reliable as the metal ring sizers jewellers use, if you follow these instructions it will give you a good indication of your ring size. You can always double check with a jeweller if you need to.

Order one, keep it and reuse it whenever you need to know your ring size. You can share it with friends and family too. I guarantee you won't be the only one who doesn’t know their ring size.

Use a printable ring sizing guide

You can find printable ring sizing guides online, or download my ring sizing guide here. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that page scaling is set to "none" on your print dialogue box before you print. When you print out your ring sizing sheet, double check the ruler on the PDF printout against a physical ruler. The measurements need to be accurate to give a good indication of your size. Carefully follow the instruction on the printout.

The printable sizing guide has two options for finding your ring size:

  1. Print a paper sizer and use it in a similar way to the plastic one.
  2. Match a ring of the correct size to one of the sizing circles.

If you use the second method, make sure that the inner edge of the sizing circle is not hidden directly underneath the metal. It should be only just visible inside your ring.

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Other things to consider:

  • Ensure that you measure the finger on the correct hand, your dominant hand may be slightly larger. For an engagement ring measure the left ring finger, next to the pinky.
  • Fingers tend to swell or shrink as much as half a size depending on the time of day, the temperature and physical activity.
  • The best time of day to measure your fingers is in the evening when they are the largest but, you can take a few measurements during the day to find the most comfortable fit overall.
  • Avoid measuring when you’re cold, or if your hands have just been in cold water as fingers can be at least half a size smaller.
  • If you are purchasing a ring with a band 3mm or wider, consider ordering up to one size larger. The thicker the band, the tighter the fit.
  • When two sizes seem to fit, always go with the larger one.
  • Make a note of your ring size and keep it in your jewellery box so that it's there when you need it.

    When in doubt, ask a jeweller.

What if your ring doesn’t fit?

Remember that this is a guide and the only way to get a professional measurement is to visit a jeweller. If you do find that your ring is the incorrect size, don't worry. I can resize your ring to your perfect fit. The only exception to this is with complex ring designs and gemstone rings. Contact me if you'd like to discuss resizing.


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