Beginners Jewellery Class


Beginners Jewellery

What to expect.

Jewellery Tools

This year I am venturing into somewhat new territory and running a few of my own jewellery workshops, taster sessions and weekly classes.This blog is a little intro to the workshop to let you know what to expect.

Before each class I’ll send you an email with details of the techniques we’ll be learning and a few jewellers to look to for some inspiration. The first two weeks will be techniques based. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any jewellery making experience to take part! I’ll introduce you to the tools you will need and I’ll be teaching you the basic skills and techniques you’ll need to make your own pieces of jewellery. All tools, base metal and a small amount of silver, sketchbook and handouts are included in the class, so you don’t need to bring anything either!

During the first week of the weekly classes (usually a 5 week block), we’ll cover saw piercing, hammering, texturing and shaping. You’ll learn how to correctly use a jeweller's saw and will be able to saw pierce a variety of shapes as well as intricate details. Using different hammers and punches I’ll show you how to create interesting and unique textures and patterns on metal, we’ll also go over creating different finishes using emery paper, steel wool and scotch - brite mops. I’ll also show you how to bend, shape and form metal to create curved shapes such as bangles and rings as well as sharp geometric shapes.

Week 2 will be all about cold connections, soldering and finishing. I’ll talk you through soldering, showing you how to solder findings and details onto your jewellery pieces as well as how to solder elements together. We’ll also cover riveting which will allow you to connect elements without soldering. Finally, I’ll take you through the basic steps of finishing your jewellery using emery paper and polishing cloths.

Jewellery Making

For the last 3 weeks you will be free to experiment and use the techniques you've learned to design and make your own jewellery pieces. I’ll talk you through the design process and will be on hand to help you bring your ideas to life! By the end of the class, you’ll have your own finished, handmade jewellery pieces to take home and will leave armed with the skills, knowledge and techniques to get started making at home if you chose to!

During the shorter classes and taster sessions I'll touch upon all of the above in less detail and you'll leave with one piece of finished jewellery. 

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