Make A Silver Ring Class

ring making at dundee rep.jpg

Last weekend I ventured into somewhat new territory, delivering my first silver ring making classes! Running jewellery classes is something I’ve thought about (and put off) for a while. In fact, on a business course at the end of 2017, running jewellery classes was one of my goals. Although I had assisted with other workshops and classes, I shied away from delivering my own. I managed to put it off with a number of excuses, letting fear and self doubt hold me back. Turns out I didn’t really have anything to worry about at all.

When the opportunity came to deliver a class at Dundee Rep, I decided to take the plunge. I collaborated with Dundee REP to takeover their cafe space on the 19th of January and ran two silver ring making classes.

Both classes were open to anyone, no jewellery making experience necessary and all tools and materials were provided. I talked the participants through the making process step by step, and it was brilliant to see everyone’s confidence grow over the two hours.

From correctly using a jewellers saw to shaping metal and soldering joins, participants learned the basic jewellery techniques needed to create two silver stack rings. The rings were hammered to create textures and patterns making each one unique.

preparing to solder a silver ring.jpg

Using fine grades of emery paper and a silver polishing cloth the rings were given a luxurious shine then and some were oxidised (darkened) using a liquid patina to give them a bit more depth.


Both groups did so well in such a short space of time. By the end of each class, everyone had made two silver rings of their own to take home.

I firmly believe that making is good for the soul and I love being able to share the joy of making something from scratch with your own hands. Every participant left with a real sense of achievement and it was heart warming to see everyone excitedly show off their rings after each class. It was such a lovely way to spend a cold January afternoon/evening! Thanks again to Dundee REP for hosting and to everyone who came along.

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