Happy New Year!


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It’s nice to be back after a little festive break, although I haven’t quite settled into a routine just yet! Have you set any goals or resolutions for 2018? I’m not sure I believe in resolutions, I always end up setting unrealistic challenges that I don’t or won’t stick to, then come February I have failed almost every one. There are some things I’d like to achieve this year though, like exercise and read more, learn a language, get up earlier, and I have lots of things up my sleeve for Kirsten Manzi Jewellery Design too! 

After some big changes in  2017, I've learned that things do not go to plan. I've learned the importance of being open to and embracing change as well as following my gut (and winging it a fair amount). If someone told me las year that by the end of 2017 I'd have bought a flat, lost my job and become full time self employed, I'd probably be terrified at the prospect but still wouldn't have believed them. So this year, I'm planning on dropping the unrealistic resolutions and will be going with the flow, embracing change along the way. I'm going to try and create the life I want and grow my business by setting small, regular habits and goals rather than trying to change lots of big things in January.  I'm hoping this will help me stay on track throughout the year. This month I’m looking forward to knuckling down and making some small changes to my business, working on more commissions and teaching myself some new skills. 


Although this January is a bit busier than usual I am still managing to ease back into things and thanks to an amazing Christmas gift, will be jetting off to Italy for a week too! We’re heading to Bologna, any recommendations are very welcome.

I hope you had a wonderful winter break and are having a lovely January so far.

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