What is My Ring Size?


A little guide to help you find your ring/finger size

Whether you're trying to surprise a loved one or treating yourself, buying a ring can be a bit daunting if you don’t know your ring size. A half size too small and it may not fit over your knuckles, half a size too big and it might move around too much.

I want you to be able to find your perfect fit so that your rings will arrive ready to wear. Here are some tips, tricks and tools to help you find out the ring size of any finger you like. Once you know write it down or save it in your phone so you don’t have to worry next time you want to buy a ring.

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Go to your local jeweller

If you are in town or at a shopping centre, pop into a jewellery shop. Most shops will be happy to measure your finger with no obligation to buy. If you’d like me to measure your finger size, get in touch. I’d be happy to help. This is the most reliable and accurate way to determine your ring size. All jewellers in the UK use the same standard sizes and jewellers will have the correct tools to accurately measure your finger size.

Use a plastic ring sizer

If you don’t live near a jeweller you can use a plastic ring sizer to measure your finger. Slip the sizer onto your finger and adjust it (like a belt) until you have a comfortable fit - snug enough so that it won’t fall off but loose enough to JUST slide over your knuckle. The size the arrow points to when you have a comfortable fit is your ring size. Order one, keep it and reuse it whenever you need to know your ring size. Pass it along to friends and family too, I bet you're not the only one who doesn’t know your ring size!

Although this won’t be as reliable as metal ring sizers it will give you a good idea of your ring size. Just make sure you follow the instructions. You can always double check with a jeweller if you need to.

Use a printable ring sizing guide

To get the most accurate and reliable results I’d advise using this alongside one of the options above. Measurements taken from a piece of paper will give you a rough idea of your size.  Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that page scaling is set to "100%" on your print dialog box before you print.

  • Print out your ring sizing sheet.
  • Double-check the ruler on the PDF against a physical ruler. If the measurement is not accurate, your ring size measurement will not be completed properly.
  • Carefully follow the instruction to determine your ring size.

    Download your printable sizing guide.
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If you want the ring to be a surprise
If you are surprising someone else with a ring there are some ways to find out their ring size without them knowing. Ask their best friends and family - they might already know their size. If they already have a ring they wear on the correct finger “borrow” it and use the printable sizing guide or take it to your local jeweller. If they will notice the ring is gone, you can carefully draw around the inside of the ring or make an imprint of it in something soft like a bar of soap. A jeweller can make a good guess of the size from there.

Things to consider:

  • Your dominant hand may be slightly larger so make sure you measure the correct hand. (If you’re measuring for an engagement ring that's the left ring finger - the one next to the pinky finger.)
  • The best time of day to measure your ring size is in the evening when your fingers are largest.

  • Avoid measuring when you’re cold as your fingers can be at least half a size smaller.

  • Wider bands will have a slightly tighter fit and therefore less “give” for slipping over knuckles. Consider ordering half a size larger for bands 3mm or wider.

  • When in doubt go up half a size.

  • Make note of your ring size so it’s there when you need it.

If your ring doesn’t fit
Hopefully with these tips you’ll end up with a perfect fit every time. However if you end up with a ring that doesn't fit, don’t worry. I can resize almost any ring to make sure it fits perfectly. Just get in touch.

Now you're ready to buy a ring that fits you perfectly. Take a look at my range of rings online here or contact me if you'd like to commission one.