Dundee Mini Make-Off

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”
— Pablo Picasso
T-Shirt Jewellery Workshop

You may know that I have another little project that started last year with two lovely ladies Kirsty and Mairi: Dundee Mini Make-Off. Dundee Mini Make-Off is a small initiative that we started as a bit of fun aiming to engage local communities with the joy making through workshops, tutorials, competitions & exhibitions. This all kicked off last September with our first event, Dundee’s (not so) Mini Make-Off where we collaborated with over 30 local creatives to organise a one-day creative event consisting of workshops, a pop-up shop, exhibition and live making a competition. You can read more about our first event on our website.
Life has taken over a bit leaving the three of us less time to work on this little project: moving homes, new jobs, losing jobs and moving to Vietnam (read more about what Kirsty is up to at Vin Space Art Studio)  put a bit of a spanner in the Dundee Mini Make-Off works BUT we are slowing getting the ball rolling again.

 Photo: SCRAPantics 

Photo: SCRAPantics 


Last Saturday with lots of help from the lovely Trish at Art Bubble and behind the scenes moral support from Kirsty and Mairi I organised another, much smaller Dundee Mini Make-Off Event. I met Trish after finding out about Art Bubble a month or so ago and she was so full of creativity and positivity I couldn’t not collaborate with her! After a chat with the Make-Off ladies, we got planning, organising and recruiting to create a (really this time) MINI Make-Off Event with Art Bubble in the short space of just 2 weeks. And we managed!

 We set up 4 workshops in Trish’s amazing Art Bubble Space: T- Shirt Jewellery, Origami Safari with Toki Designs, an Art Bubble Taster Session and DIY Butterflies with SCRAPantics! We had a very busy morning with lots of families and little hands trying all of the workshops we had to offer which was amazing. It was great to see everyone leave with something they had created and lovely to hear that people were enjoying themselves throughout the day.

We started Dundee Mini Make-Off because we wanted to do something a bit more creative in our own lives as well as bring art and design out of the studios and into the local community. We aim to create fun, engaging and inclusive interactive events that encourage everyone to come together, share skills, learn, and explore their own creativity. Although Saturday’s event was small, I think we still managed to do this. Throughout the day I had children as young as  5 and up to around 10 take part in my workshop as well as adults of all ages. It was amazing to see the things people designed in a relaxed environment with no pressure and was lovely to see their confidence grow as they began to experiment and make more than one piece. Not to mention the conversations, connections and friendships made around a table full of strips of t-shirts, a bunch of pliers and jewellery making supplies.


I think a lot of people are scared to try thing that are deemed "arty" or "creative." They are scared they won't be good enough or that their work will be judged, this is not the case. It really is all about letting go and having a bit of fun. Most people are amazed at what they are capable of making. Above are some of the pieces made during my T-Shirt jewellery workshop. Aren't they fantastic!


Let's not let people divide the world into the creatives and non-creatives, realise that everyone is naturally creative and we should all let our creative ideas fly: