A Litte Note On Rest 


The Importance of Self Care

It’s a busy time of year, that’s for sure–the fun sort of busy, usually. But with that fun frenzy comes a pile of to-do’s, a mountain of stress, all the daily pressures that build up, little by little, until one day you realize there’s a pit of worry in your stomach. There’s a knot tangled with all the things that unsettle you. And you see that somewhere, in the midst of it all, you forgot to breathe.

You think: No wonder they tell us to stop and smell the roses.
— –Little Things and Curiosities

Working for yourself, running your own business, being your own boss? It's great, isn't it? You're passionate about what you do and your job is extremely rewarding BUT it can be hard to switch off and make time for yourself, or even take time off when you need a break.  Especially at this time of year.
So these 3 tips are for anyone who has ever felt like they have no time, their to-do list is never ending and they are for me as I need to take my own advice too!


Schedule personal time into your week as well as any business or work-related thing and plan your week, every week, before the week begins.
Make sure those business or work-related things add value to what you are doing, focus on your big goals and important things first. This includes your personal life. Spending more time with family, exercising, having a date night or chilling in the bath with a book and glass of wine,  if it's important to you, get it in your Calendar and DO IT!  Create a routine that gives you some "me time" every single day.  This week's seminar at Acorn Enterprise, by Brian Macauley touched upon this. It was all about productivity and self-management and has me rethinking how I plan and prioritise my to-do list for the week.


If like me you work from home, you can get cabin fever as some days you don't need to leave the house. But try to make time to go outside, start or end your day with a stroll around your neighbourhood or take a break at lunchtime. Walking is great for your brain and body, it is a great way to get a little boost halfway through the day.


Nowadays, people like to brag about how busy they are and often take on more than they can feasibly manage, people feel like they should say yes to everything! As an entrepreneur, you'll have an endless stream of emails, people looking to meet up with or a list of little things that need to be done ,that maybe aren't that important. Say no to 90% of this. Say no to anything that is a distraction from your business and personal goals. If you are worried about offending someone, redirect them to another solution. If something can be answered with a quick phone-call or email rather than meeting, do that instead. Add an FAQ section to your website or refer people to blogs that answer their questions.  If something crops up that eats into your me time or the time you spend with loved ones, put it off if you can, schedule it into the next week, unless it is REALLY SUPER important. Here is a fantastic article on the power of saying no.

Stop focusing on all the things you should be doing, take some time out this week just for you and have a little breather. Most of the time (depending on your work) it's not life or death, things can wait and people are understanding, so give yourself a break. Have a little rest. You'll feel much better for it.